Pace Recital Series Solos - Level 2

00372165_Shepherds Flute

A Shepherd’s Flute

by Earl Ricker

Open fifths harmonize lilting phases of alternating lengths. .

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00372268_Busy Little Train

Busy Little Train

by David Karp

2-note ostinato in the bass and a wide range of dynamics in the melody of the right hand.

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Circle Zoo

Written and Illustrated by Sara Glick

12 early level solos moving through all twelve major keys via the circle of fifths.

Solos: Tiger • Giraffe • Polar Bear • Rockin’ Codfish • Elephant • Crazy Monkeys • Playful Seals • The Gentle Deer • Clearly The Hippo • Octopus • Penguin • Playful Otters
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Ghosts On the Stairs

by Earl Ricker

Item 00372201
After playing this as written, let students use the same chords to create their own mysterious sounds.

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00372242_Jumpin and Comin Down the River

Jumping’ and Comin' Down the River

by Patricia King
Two solos that study staccato touches, changing keys, and alternating accents.

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Legend of an Ancient Land

by Earl Ricker
Modal solos.

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Sleepy Time and Water Wheel

by Jean Eichelberger Ivey

Two pentatonic melodies with ostinatos first in the left and then right hands.

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Solo Adventures - Set 2

by Marion Verhaalen

Nine solos for that explore minor tonality and the modes with their  many diverse possibilities of expression. See: Solo Adventures Sets 1-4

Item 00372377


The Lonesome Prairie

by Earl Ricker

An expressive melody that wanders over an open fifth accompaniment for a haunting, solitary effect. 

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Pattern Studies

by Jim Lyke

20 solos for developing pianists. Each vignette lies comfortably under the hands while engaging students in contrasting touches, varying sound levels, balance and a variety of compositional patterns and forms. 

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