Level 2 - Four Companion Books

Pace Music for Piano2 00372313

Music for Piano 2  (Revised)  
by Robert Pace   

Enhances student's musical interest with its broad variety of selections from all periods and a wide variety of styles. Carefully sequenced to introduce important musical concepts that will continually help students learn as they progress to each new learning level.

Item 00372313 $6.95 

Pace Creative Music2

Creative Music 2 (Revised)     

by Robert Pace

Offers sight-reading, transposition, and creative activities integrated with the compositions of MUSIC FOR PIANO.
Item 00372314….$6.95 

Pace Theory Papers2 00372315

Theory Papers 2 (Revised)      
by Robert Pace

Theory exercises directly related to materials presented in MUSIC FOR PIANO.

Item 00372315….$6.95 

Pace Finger Builders2 00372316

Finger Builders 2 (Revised)

by Robert Pace

Correlates with and enhances the study of materials presented in MUSIC FOR PIANO. Includes “broken chord” exercises as preparation for arpeggios, and scales and Hanon-style exercises transposed to all keys.

Item 00372316….$6.95 

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