Level 1 - Four Companion Books

-Genuine Multi-Key-

 Musical Basics 

Music for Piano1

Music for Piano 1 (Revised) by Robert Pace 

Carefully sequenced short musical pieces teach piano skills and musicianship. Each selection introduces important concepts that:

• Anchor students’ learning

• Provide a springboard for creativity

• Give students tools for independent, lifelong learning

Material Presented:  Pattern recognition •Basic note values and time signatures •Grand staff lines and spaces •All major and minor key signatures •Reading by interval •Transposition •All major and minor keys and pentatonic and Dorian modes (five-finger, octave scale, and other playing positions) •Simple forms •Block and broken chord styles •I and V7 chord progressions •Dynamics •Various legato and staccato touches •Sample compositional styles from Baroque to current day •Composing and Improvising.

View: Foreword - Music for Piano, Level 1

Music for Piano 1
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Correlated pages in Creative Music, Theory Papers, and Finger Builders, apply, expand upon, and reinforce the concepts that Music for Piano introduces.


 Creating, Reading, Transposing 

Creative Music 1

Creative Music 1 (Revised), by Robert Pace 

Sight-reading, transposition, and creative activities integrated with Music for Piano 1 materials.

Creative Music 1

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 Related Theory, Harmony, Ear-Training 

Theory Papers 1

Theory Papers 1 (Revised), by Robert Pace 
Theory exercises directly related to materials presented in Music for Piano Book 1. 

Theory Papers 1

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Finger Builders 1

Finger Builders 1 (Revised), by Robert Pace 

In Finger Builders 1, beginning students experience playing in a wide variety of keys and hand positions as part of “everyday” practice. 

Five-finger exercises in parallel and contrary motion, hand-over-hand arpeggios in all major and minor keys, and one-octave tetrachord scales provide a solid foundation for “thumb-under” scales and extended hand positions in the levels that follow.  


• Foreword - Finger Builders
• A Versatile, Responsive Technique
• Keyboard Technique and Effective Psycho-Motor Skills

Finger Builders 1

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