The Real Blues 


With CD Tutorial

By Betsy Hannah
Beginning Piano and Up

Getting Started with Jazz: THE REAL BLUES unlocks any student's creativity, with its step-by-step introduction to playing the blues. Students sound great from the beginning, regardless of their technical level. 24 pages 

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Lessons include: 12-Bar Blues in 12 Easy Steps • Basic Blues Form • Dominant 7ths • Blues Motives • 5-Finger Scale Patterns • Chord Tone Motive Using “ sequence” • Staying In Place • Playing A “Riff" • Scales For Blues Motives • Chord Tone Motive (Expanded) • The Blue Note Scale • "Charleston Comp" • "Charleston Comp" Variation • Adding The IV Chord • The "Instant Comp" • Combo Time • "Swing Chord Comp • Combo Time • Rockin' Bass • Create Your Own • Swinging Combo • Melodic Thirds.

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