Student Online Performances 


Thank you to: 
Julie Lovison, 
for the link to your students’ performance of “Wayfaring Stranger," a much-appreciated contribution to the new Online Performance and Resources Showcase.

A shoutout to: 
These accomplished young pianists for a very nice job!

Teachers and Students
You are cordially invited 
to share your online performances of any Pace piano publications (Lee Roberts Music). We would be delighted to feature your video link(s) in this developing musical resource for students and teachers to enjoy. 

Students’ performances of their own compositions and improvisations are very much welcome! 

subject line: “Student Videos.”

Along with any links, please provide: 

  • Caption text,including title and composer of the Pace-Series composition, and 
  • (Optional): A link to your website, Facebook page, or other studio contact.

(Please also be sure to obtain written permission from parents of students under age 18).