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Jazz FunSix jazz, rock and pop style pieces, Levels 2/3


Beginning Jazz - Seven easy jazz piano solos for any age. Comes with a CD partner.
00372409 $10.95

EZ Jazz - Seven jazz piano solos for any age.
00372390 $ 4.95

Jazz for Piano -A step-by-step approach to jazz improvisation with 7th chords for the "jazz beginner."
00372170 $ 4.00

Jazz Fun -A step-by-step approach to jazz improvisation with 7th chords for the "jazz beginner."
00372437 $ 4.95

Jazz is a Way of Playing - Explains jazz improvisation based on the blues scale and 12-bar blues patterns.
00372294 $ 4.00

Jazz-Rock Studies (The Block-Chord Style - Fornuto) - This book explains the use of the added sixth and seventh chords in both open and closed positions.
00372286 $ 2.95

Jazz-Rock Studies (improvising the Blues - Fornuto) -A useful guidebook based on the 12-bar blues form with comping, and the development and modificationof motives.
00372287 $ 2.25

Jazz Spooks -An interesting solo with activity in both hands.
00372224 $ 1.95

Jazz Waltz -A lively piece with an opportunity for improvisation at the end.
00372200 $ 1.95

Oldies But Goodies - Eleven popular American songs for solo piano. Comes with a "play-along" CD.
00372389 $10.95

Polka Dots - Six descriptive solos ranging from the gentle "Mona's Waltz," to the swirling "Desert Winds."
00372413 $ 4.95

The Real Blues - Hannah -A simple approach to the blues covering comping and improvising. Comes with a CD partner.
00372386 $10.95

Rock Liza -A rock piece with variations and information on rock rhythms and bass lines.
00372254 $ 1.95

Surf Swing - An active left hand bass line compliments the triads and thirds played by the right.

00372199 $ 1.95

Tangana - A "Here's How" set for rock improvisation.
Tangana  00372280 $ 1.95

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You're A Grand Old Flag

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